What does the logo stand for?

The logo is a handwritten KPP -  the initials of founder and designer, Kitty Pemberton-Platt.

Who is the illustrator?

All of the illustrations are hand drawn by Kitty.

Where is KPP based?

The brand is based in London even though Kitty is originally from Wirral (near Liverpool).

What is the journal?

Kitty has always kept diaries and sketchbooks. The KPP journal covers riding, racing and insights behind the brand and product. 

Are there any jobs going at KPP?

Yes, we’re currently looking for a professional coffee and gin taster...
Unfortunately that's a joke. There are no positions right now but we’d still love to hear from you. Send a message or CV using the contact details below.



Does KPP offer returns?

Yes. Please see our returns policy for all the information.

Are the products designed in-house?

Yes, all products are designed by Kitty. You can see the process of initial ideas and sketchbooks to the final product on the KPP journal.

Does KPP do collaborations?

Yes. Most recently the brand has partnered with Camden Watch Company and a Condor collaboration is launching in July 2018.



Born in Wirral

Lives in London

Rides a Condor Acciaio and Condor Potenza

Races for Scarpa Racing

Drink: Coffee and gin

Trainers: always adidas

Camera: Olympus Pen or iPhone

Favourite pen: A simple black bic when it's brand new

Favourite place to ride: Mallorca (Sa Calobra or Formentor)

Favourite book: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Tattoos? Yes, five across my wrists and forearms. To be continued... 

Passionate about? Too many things. Mostly riding, coffee, sketchbooks, the incredible people around me and eyebrows

One piece of advice? Keep a journal and focus your energy on the things you want. Stop focusing on the things you don't want



If your question isn’t answered, you can email contact@bykpp.com

For direct enquiries to Kitty, please email kpp@bykpp.com