5 things for your next ride

The KPP brand champions attitude - a belief that contentment and long lasting happiness comes from how we approach things not by a rigid set of circumstances. This is certainly true for sport, and in particular amateur athletes who are balancing work, life and hobbies. Fitness levels are constantly moving up and down and the deep rooted belief that we have to control this leads to a never ending battle which is summed up perfectly by The Sunscreen Song, circa 1990s: “The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself”.

Below are five things to remember on your next ride to help encourage this attitude based lifestyle.

01 Catch the critic

Every small criticism causes a physical reaction - whether that’s in the moment or several hours later. Root for yourself not for perfection.

02 Manage the micro-moans

It’s astonishing just how much our culture of complaining is disguised as conversation. Every micro-moan distracts us from the wonderful everyday. On your next ride, say thank you more and tutt less.

03 Look after your team

If it’s proving too challenging to change your mindset about yourself, shift your focus. Everyone is fighting their own battle and the long hours in the saddle offer the novel space to deeply listen to others. Give someone an ear, it could drastically change their year.

04 The present is a gift

Predicting and worrying about the future is the quickest way to removing enjoyment in the present. When you’re struggling on a ride or talking negatively about how you’re feeling, find a way to be fully in the moment. You’ll realise that without the added story, it’s not as bad as you think.

05 Comparison is the theft of contentment

Comparison against others or with previous versions of yourself is a debilitating human condition. Where you are now, is enough.

Next time you feel yourself moving into the thought stream of not being ‘fit enough’ ‘strong enough’ ‘stoic enough’ ‘light enough’, remember that goals should be motivators to improve, not unrealistic standards that demotivate you.

Circumstances don’t last. Good attitudes do.