Athlete Fashion 01

Athlete Fashion by KPP | 01: Stonebaked sideline

Tie Dye AF


Crouching on the corner in Crystal Palace Park (the birthplace of Crystal Palace Crits), Lara is dressed for spectathlete duties. With each item balancing aesthetic reason and usefulness, the look is designed for the race sideline. The undeniable comfort of slides after wearing cleats to ride, the relaxed tee that covers tight fitting lycra and therefore provides a comfort blanket for the way we move and the way we think, a musette that gives shape to the outfit as well as storage for the multitude of tools an evening at the races requires and finished with hair thrown back in honour of helmet hair.

Stonebaked sideline Athlete Fashion is a homage to mixing performance and comfort. Wearing cues that suggest you’re part of the culture, and the mode of transport you used to get there, but a relaxed style that is instantly recognisable as someone who is eyeing up the beer options rather than mentally preparing for a race. 


Socks: Condor + KPP
Watch: Camden Watch Co + KPP
Bibs/eyewear: Rapha
Slides: adidas
Tee: Nike
Pizza: Dynamo, Putney
Location: Crystal Palace Crits, London

AF - Athlete Fashion by KPP - is a new photography project from KPP focusing on the style of female athletes, celebrating the sartorial choices on the sideline to the start line. See the latest @Bykpp. 

Kitty Pemberton-Platt