Athlete Fashion 02

Athlete Fashion by KPP | 02: Into the jungle

Zebra AF


Box fresh - whether it’s clean white trainers or a pair of heels, putting on new shoes can transform an outfit and a mindset. Athlete Fashion 02 pays homage to the cycling shoe - an item created with technical performance in mind (with a soleplate completely unique to the sport) but one that has become a considered and careful style choice for female cyclists. Gina, of Les Filles Race Team, lines up at the start of a road race wearing zebra print Giro Empire. They’re powerful and oozing personality - two positive traits that a lot of female racers share. Matched with a perfectly clean bike and crisp black socks, it’s a beautiful sartorial choice that displays the passion point shared by many female cyclists that every detail counts.

Our choice of clothing can often feel like the last thing we fully control before the race begins. As in life, that’s a daunting and scary place to be. But whether you’re entering the board room or a breakaway, lace up your dancing shoes and be more Gina - step out of your comfort zone and into the jungle…


Team: Les Filles Race Team
Shoes: Giro Empire - Zebra print
Location: Oakley Women’s Tour Series Road Race

AF - Athlete Fashion by KPP - is a new photography project from KPP focusing on the style of female athletes, celebrating the sartorial choices on the sideline to the start line. See the latest @Bykpp. 

Kitty Pemberton-Platt