Athlete Fashion 03

Athlete Fashion by KPP | 03: Car Park Couture

Ritual AF


Car parks are the start and finish line of most bike races. What can at first look like a car boot sale, is in fact the ritual sight of preparation and routine. Front seats covered with layers and gels, multiple bags packed with precision, the rollers, the queues for either the toilet or coffee and the addictive shared nervous energy. Car Park Couture is a niche fashion segment designed for these moments that is not only a style but a skill. The outfit has to be effortlessly comfortable to trick your mind into thinking that’s how your legs are feeling. It needs pockets for the endless pins and things before you find the bins. The costume change into your race outfit needs to be simple and work when you’re still half lycra and half loungewear. Between the car, riding to sign on and warming up, the weather and temperature can change - the outfit has to be considered for countless conditions. When all is said and done, the outfit will be there waiting for you. Whatever happened during the race, the feeling of moving from tight fitting lycra to relaxed clothing is a perfect mirror of the emotional transition from race to recover. So slip into those slides to defeat the discomfort of walking in cleats and throw on an oversized sweater with a sigh of relief. They often say getting to the start line is a battle in itself so choose your car park armour wisely.


Teams photographed: Team LDN, Team Boom Pods, Bianchi Dama
Race: Stockton GP, National Series
Location: Durham University, car park

AF - Athlete Fashion by KPP - is a new photography project from KPP focusing on the style of female athletes, celebrating the sartorial choices on the sideline to the start line. See the latest @Bykpp. 

Kitty Pemberton-Platt