Athlete Fashion 04

Athlete Fashion by KPP | 04: World Championships 2019

Worldie AF

Headphone size, eyewear choice or the way you style your slouch-wear. The outfit you choose for the car park requires the perfect blend of comfort, consideration and pockets.

Whether it’s crocs or not, the fashion on our feet is a space of creativity. An expression of ‘me’ during the final moments cleat free.

The most popular bus in the car park. Team GB walk out oozing patriotic style, zipped up with layers to keep them warm as the world tunes in.

AF - Athlete Fashion by KPP - is a new photography project from KPP focusing on the style of female athletes, celebrating the sartorial choices on the sideline to the start line. See the latest @Bykpp.

Kitty Pemberton-Platt