#Festive500 2017

Every year, Rapha hosts the infamous #Festive500 - a challenge to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. 

For 2017, I kept the plan simple with a handful of rules:

1. Explore. Stop at new cafes and not just the usual ones
2. Document each day
3. During each ride, think back and be grateful for 2017 (I went one stop further and listened to my Spotify 'top songs 2017' playlist)
4. Don't rush any of the kms
5. Get out early to be home early

As per Rule 2, I took the below notebook out on every ride. And as two of my 'Top Songs 2017' would say, I documented 'All These Things That I've Done' and came out the back of it 'Stronger' (thanks Kanye). 

Parting words to #Festive500 can be summed up by three other songs from my 'Top Songs 2017' playlist: 

- Intoxicated, Martin Solveig
- Hurt, Johnny Cash
- I lived, One Republic