How to journal

I've been a dedicated and committed member of the (unofficial) Sketchbook Club since I can remember. Whether it was obsessing over the thickness of paper or looking forward to completing my reading log homework, it was a process that brought peace and acceptance. That space you inhibit when everything feels clear. Zen through the pen. 


Being a cyclist means I've been able to exercise my addiction for journaling on a weekly basis. Documenting the miles in order to remember the rides.  

Below are some of my favourite Ridebooks, accompanied by advice for when you take your own Back Pocket Book on its next adventure.

1. Receipts are raw, they're full of facts that won't ever change and capture a very specific moment in time. As cyclists, we eat a lot and can often be in such heightened levels of hunger that the act of a meal is much more than the enjoyment of food - it's fuel, it's a reward and it's a coming together. Keep these receipts and stick them in your Back Pocket Book when you get home.


2. Draw it. Even if you don’t know how to. The act of putting pencil to paper, no matter what the outcome, is part of the process. It forces you to look around and your representation of that will be endearing. Even if it's a bit shit. 


3. Write down things that made you laugh. If it made you smile once, it’ll make you smile again when you re-read it. Those are the moments that matter - shared LOLs.


4. If you spill food and drink on the pages, don’t try to clean it. Embrace it as part of the story. 


5. Keep hold of the books. Even if that's a box under your bed. You'll be surprised how nostalgically wonderful it feels to look back at them - even if that's only a few days later.   

Journaling is a creative outlet which is as honest and raw as riding a bike. The KPP notebook, sized to fit in your back pocket, encourages you stay curious and stay creative whilst out on the roads. Follow the rules on the inside page and enjoy the process from saddle to sketchbook.