Second Breakfast Society


“Good morning”. Unfortunately, not for many. Alarms are feared and duvets are used as the ultimate demon protector. In fact, people will do anything to remain horizontally hidden and so it would probably be more accurate to say “meh morning” when we first great each other.

The Buddha however waxes lyrical about the stillness and importance of early hours - meditation beginning as early as 3am and honouring each alarm as ‘the start of a new life’. For most of us with jobs, family and evening plans, this extreme lifestyle is impossible but the thoughtful theory remains - a considered morning, just like that delicious first coffee, can change your life.

To make your mornings more meaningful, you don’t have to sit cross legged before the sun rises. You can serve your higher needs without realising you’re doing so and feel all the feels before most people have slid into snooze-ville. It’s called ‘Second Breakfast Society’ - a club for people who make the most of their 0500-0900 before their 0900-1700. Here are the principles:

01 We wake with a plan

It’s almost impossible for our minds to make a positive decision in response to an alarm. Not moving seems substantially easier than moving. Dreaming seems more desirable than doing. Set yourself up for success and have the plan already carved out. No decision needed (which is one less in a day filled with them).

02 We move

Sometimes we ride fast laps. Other times we walk briskly. But every time, we move. Energy breeds energy and movement breeds conversation. Two things that are absolutely vital for a fulfilled existence.

03 We remove barriers

Mornings are glittered with fresh perspective. Enjoy those moments with other people and listen to their challenges, issues and worries. Or their excitement, achievements and successes. Most of us wake to demons - you don’t have to face them by yourself.

04 We caffeine

As a reward for finding extra hours, we allow ourselves the novelty of enjoying coffee at a leisurely pace. An unspoken connection whilst sharing the enjoyment of a perfectly poured flat white.

05 We build relationships

Relationships aren’t sustained over a laptop (sorry dating sites). We require face to face time that is filled with all five senses. It’s these quality friendship groups that are more valuable than one can ever articulate.

06 We find answers in the silence

Whether it’s the quiet of the roads or the lack of phone notifications, early mornings give us a silent and simple view of the world that can’t be replicated throughout the day. It’s untarnished and, just like a blank canvas, ours to colour in.

Believing in this society is believing in the power of plans and purposes and knowing that a meaningful morning makes for a meaningful day for both ourselves and those we shared it with. And of course, it’s believing that these longer mornings will forever grant us permission for that well-earned second breakfast.

We are all, without exception, fighting our own battles from the moment we open our eyes. Let’s make mornings worth waking up for.