Behind the SGF design

To officially launch the brand, I designed a special edition Spin Gin Fin Set. A small but special product in limited numbers, ahead of the first full collection in September 2018. 

The Story

For me, bikes and gin (not at the same time) have always been connected. 

They're both magnificent.  
They're both expensive.
Too much of either can make you feel terrible. 
Too much time without them can also make you feel terrible. 
They're both better shared with friends. 

And that's why Spin Gin Fin was born. A philosophy that represents finding balance through bikes, booze, connection and conversation.

The graphic, half wheel half gin lime, was drawn a few years ago when my girl friends and I began making Spin Gin Fin a regular routine. I wanted the products in the set (using this original design) to be unique and playful but still useful. 

The Spin Gin Fin Set includes the KPP Boozette and KPP badge.

The Boozette

There is something incredibly endearing about a sport that hands out bags filled with food. Unfortunately, we don't often receive rice bar hands up during our weekend rides. Instead, we collapse off our bikes and nose-dive into the nearest store or fridge. The Boozette (a musette for booze) packs in your pocket till the end of a Spin Gin Fin ride and celebrates the everyday hero 'hand up'...from the person behind the till. 

The Badge

When I received my first batch of Spin Gin Fin pin badges, I handed them out to several friends. Lara was riding home one night and Emma, my Scarpa team mate, spotted the badge and asked if it was a KPP. Connecting two wonderful females, and bringing friendliness to an otherwise shitty commute, felt pretty special. I decided to make more and include them in the celebration set. Wear your KPP Pin Badge with pride and show that you too believe in working hard. Playing hard. Riding hard. Ginning hard.