The Disposables


Disposables from weekend ride, London

Why do things need to be faster, tougher, longer or more epic to be deemed worthwhile? When did suffering become an art form that can feel more desirable than contentment? Hard work is absolutely necessary for progression and achievement, but this exhausted lifestyle is now so expected that it can sometimes feel like we’ve lost the permission to slow down.

This edition of The Disposables celebrates choosing Plan D* - a more relaxed and slow route around London - over Plan A - a tough training ride out of London.

After enjoying a leisurely coffee at Look Mum No Hands and hearing the gail force winds outside, we decided to give ourselves the novel space to enjoy a day at reduced pace - a route that would take us down lost lanes, canal paths and steady roads that all lead to a pub lunch.


“Four flat whites, one americano and one filter please.”

Plum, Janine, Ang and Kitty all wear the Condor + KPP jersey.

“I’ve lived in London for eight years and never walked through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel!”

“What time is it?”
“Is that too early for a pub lunch…?”

The Condor + KPP Collection features the simplify graphic, which represents the process of decluttering whilst riding. A physically challenging ride can give us this reset button - intense efforts and sweat speak louder than our thoughts. This can be addictive and can be the reason why slowing down and choosing Plan D* is not as appealing.

This ride has been a reminder - whether it’s a relaxed day out on the bike or a leisurely walk with friends, allow yourself a day off from finding your limits and ticking off your endless to do-list. Give yourself the gift of not trying to ‘get it all finished’ and accept that it never will be.

In a world of increasing speed, enjoy the choice to slow down.


*P.s For those wondering:
Plan A: Whitstable
Plan B: Giro Ride
Plan C: Regents Park laps
Plan D: Strava route

Kitty Pemberton-Platt