The Disposables


Disposables from a mid-week cycling trip in Poynton, Cheshire

All photography: Kitty Pemberton-Platt

The faff of travelling with a bike marks the start of adventure. A simple and short trip to somewhere more silent than London.

Bags unpacked. We head out for an early evening ride in the rain. Sheep sightings and deafening winds. Welcome to the north.


Airbnbs. Supermarket sweeps. Meal times catching up on La Vuelta. The everyday wonder of cycling trips.

Editing routes. Checking the weather. Locating coffee stop villages. Day two riding into the unknown.

Finding a cafe full of locals with cheap scones and friendly service.

Reaching stunning roads that soon transform into savage climbs with no understanding of where the top will be.


The refuel routine.

The return to London where the roads aren’t as beautiful but the flat whites are poured better.

End of trip train travel. A time when you can sit and do nothing but enjoy the feeling of progression as you move towards your final destination.


Poynton, Cheshire. September 2019

Kitty Pemberton-Platt