Behind the scenes

Brand photography: Josh Greet
Behind the scenes photography: Edward Hiscox

To shoot the New Attitude Collection, we planned a winter micro-adventure.

These adventures can be more endearing in the winter; the air is crisp, clothing takes more consideration and every hot meal is seasoned with achievement. The journey began at Dynamo, Putney where pre-ride breakfasts were consumed - everyone chose eggs - and coffees were drank - some of us had two. The energy before a ride is often an emotional smorgasbord; a slice of excitement and comrarderie with a side of nerves that the unknown of endurance sport serves up. We spotted a large group of women who were also meeting for a ride - good morning fellow lycra superheroes. Ride safe. Eat regularly.


Today’s route took the girls out towards Windsor - a well-frequented flat ride that is quintessentially British and finishes at a favourite cafe of the brand - Cinnamon Cafe (famous for their cinnamon buns that never fail to make a cyclist who has ridden 70km weak at the knees).

A further 25km and the girls arrived at Iver Heath - the destination of our airbnb. The moments that followed were peppered with the New Attitude personality; endorphin filled conversation, pedal fuelled hunger and a desire for the comfiest clothing to balance out the day’s lactic acid discomfort. This post-ride environment is unique. Things slow down. You’re tired but fulfilled and your mind can finally settle after hours of being alert. Suddenly, for a short window, life seems simple. It’s a connected environment that can’t be faked or replaced.  


Evening arrives as does the primal instinct to bond over a hearty meal around a family size table. It’s Emma’s birthday so we raise a glass of prosecco. Some of us pour the remaining gin from our glass in there too - this kind of strategic and efficient thinking is another shared principle of those in the new attitude society.


The morning of a multi-day ride is endearing. Early morning starts that are warmed up with often sub-standard coffee. We piled the table high with a breakfast buffet that was the setting for a three course meal - rice krispies, scrambled eggs and crumpets.

The beautiful winter morning was the perfect setting to shoot the latest KPP collection. The product was being worn as it was designed to be worn - flattering items that feel at home after a long ride.

By midday, the girls prepared to ride back to London against a fierce head wind.

Human attitudes are rarely linear. We are a beautiful mash up that is constantly adapting to circumstances, community and culture. The new attitude sits beneath all of this - a strength and connection that you can always rely on. Wear this personality and purpose with pride and tell the world, “this helmet hair? Oh I really don’t care”.