Spin Gin Fin

To launch the brand and test the limited edition Spin Gin Fin set, we headed out for a SGF ride. 
With their back pockets filled with Boozettes and snacks, the girls set off east riding towards Manningtree, England.

Photography: Josh Greet


Spin Gin Fin

A Spin Gin Fin ride finishes at a station where you pick up gins in tins.
Whilst in that post-ride high, you board the train with your favourite tipple and share good conversation.

The Rules

Start at least two discussions. People are in good moods after a ride so use the time wisely. 
Eating is never cheating. 
Be fun, not stupid - the beauty of Spin Gin Fin is that our riding is finished. Drink responsibly.

Emma-Jane Hornsby
Scarpa racing team mate who is queen of the curls and cats

Sophie Edmondson
Racer for The 5th Floor, effortless endurance boss and lover of bridges and tube station tiles

Aoife Doherty
Racer for The 5th Floor,. Irish talent box racing road, crit and CX and a self confessed 'plant based loser'

Lara Kazakos
The triple threat powerhouse: can ride, can run, can bake


The Coffee Stop

Scrambled Eggs
Peanut Butter on toast
Avocado on toast
Poached eggs on toast
Three americanos and an almond flat white
We took photographs of chickens
We fixed broken handlebars



Favourite Spin Gin Fin rides
London to Brighton
London to Whitstable
London to Bristol
London to Great Missenden

What would your podcast be about?
Cats. Or, domestic animals in general
Patterns in tube stations
Useless facts

Who would your life sponsor be?
An airline
John Lewis

Other things we discovered on the ride
We all have WhatsApp groups called 'Groupsave' - the notion of riding with more people to save money on the train journey home
Lara needs a new bike
Emma needs a new chain