When you don't eat or drink enough - it’s a shit and dangerous feeling of being completely depleted. Avoid by keeping your food and water levels topped up.


Cycling shorts that act like overalls. You can get cycling shorts with just an elastic waist band which are easier to go the toilet in, but can be less comfortable than bibs and often cause more chaffing.


The speed at which you are pedalling, often measured in RPM (revolutions per minute).


A fine layer of cushioning in your cycling shorts (made more comfortable by using chamois cream).


Something which is attached to the sole of a cyclist's shoe. It is a mechanism that allows the cyclist to clip their feet in and out of their pedals.


A decent sized hill.

Criterium (crit)

A short cycling race that normally lasts less than an hour. Usually on a closed circuit or in a town centre, you repeat one small circuit several times over.

Cyclocross (CX)

Somewhere between road and mountain, Cyclocross is an off-road style of racing that is completed on an obstacle course. Requires riding, running and a lot of bike handling skills.


Riding behind someone else (less than 3 bike lengths back) to go faster for less energy output.


An oil / cream used to warm you up.


A bike which only has one speed and can’t freewheel.


Another word for helmet.

Half wheeling

When you are riding two by two but one person rides slightly ahead of you. Can cause crashes when the wheels knock.


Achievements within a cycling career.


A group of cyclists riding together in formation for efficiency and safety.


Queen of the Mountain. Awarded to the female who has the fastest time up any given hill.

Saddle sores

The unfortunate and often painful result of chaffing for hours whilst in the saddle. You can help reduce this by using chamois cream.

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