The Cycle Show
Sunday 15th September 2019
Topics: Off The Bike


The Panel

Jane Dennyson 2nd Pair at Transalba 2019 and Paris-Brest-Paris finisher

Emma Jane Hornsby Scarpa Racing racer

Aoife Doherty The 5th Floor racer

Alice Mondergodfrey Osteopath and ex professional cyclist

Emma Bentley The 5th Floor racer and Grinduro amateur 2019 winner

Hosted by Kitty Pemberton-Platt, Founder of KPP

The Questions

Ten Takeaways


“Something I’ve changed is using the app ‘Epic Ride Weather”. You connect it to where you store your routes, like Komoot, tell it when you’re riding and it tells you the temperature, wind speed and chance of rain” - Jane


“Pilates and the gym.

After breaking my spine earlier this year, I needed to build up my back and core strength. Pilates is something I’ve started and it’s really helped with that.” - Aoife

“I love yoga. Most cyclists don’t do any other movement apart from on the bike so I’d recommend yoga or any type of exercise that stretches you out” - Alice


“When injured I focus on progress, no matter how small. I also stay connected to the community by doing things like marshalling races” - Jane


“Clean it straight away…

As soon as you get home try to clean your bike. I don’t have much outdoor space so I put it in the shower or bath” - Emma Jane

“Using wax on my chain instead of lube is my winter hack. Your drive train will get less dirty so less cleaning is required!” - Emma B

“An inner chimp I have is telling myself I’m too slow and I often compare myself to pro cyclists. Someone once told me that comparison is the thief of joy and it’s very true. I try to remind myself of that and focus on my progress instead.” - Jane


I don’t manage body image very well at all. I just have to keep speaking honestly with friends when I’m finding it tough - they always make me feel better” - Emma Jane

“My body reacts to exercise quickly. When I'm in peak fitness I put on muscle and can't fit into skinny work trousers, which actually makes me quite proud. When I'm training less I quickly put on weight but I know it's always temporary and it's normally because I'm focusing on other things in my life. We should always be proud of what we have” - Emma B


“I’d recommend: The Cycling Podcast. Home Roads Podcast. How To Fail Podcast. Far Ride Magazine” - All

The Routes

Every Common Room Live finishes with the panel recommending one route for the audience to ride.
See below for links or direct GPX downloads.

Jane Dennyson Bealach na Bà

Emma Jane Hornsby Porlock Toll Road

Aoife Doherty Winnats Pass.

Alice Mongergodfrey The Tumble, Wales

Emma Bentley The Mary Towneley Loop